Elf on the Shelf Ideas ~ Day 4 ~ Mustache Mischief

{ DAY 4 }

Our little elves are going to be in BIG trouble when the boss man hears about this! Elvin & Elvina put a fuzzy mustache on Santa and wrote “He, He, He!” with a dry erase pen on his sleeve! Hope the jolly old fellow has a good sense of humor!

{Mustache Mischief} Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Day 3 as seen on AmysPartyIdeas.com

My son laughed and shook his head as soon as he saw what they had been up to and then he said, “I hope they don’t put one on me!” Yes, that is my little one when he was three. I just love these photos with Santa. Once I got these, I never felt the pressure to try to capture that perfect Santa moment and thankfully he is content with talking to Santa through our elves. So, no mall lines for us!

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