Football Kickoff Tailgate Party!
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Football season is here!  September 1st was the official kickoff for college football and here in the south, football is a religion!  As an Auburn alumni, I remember my days as a student during fall quarter.  Our student parking was next to the football stadium.  Our vehicles had to be moved out of student parking by noon on Fridays to make room for the visiting fans coming in or they would be towed.  Football is serious business and for those of us who love it, the tailgating is just as important as the game itself!

So in honor of the official start to Football season, I thought I would share how we do it!  My team is Auburn University and our colors are orange and blue so all of my tailgating food is either orange, blue or white!  It is so much fun to get creative and carry a color scheme down to every last detail.  Here are my photos to get you inspired!

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I hope you liked our little get together!  So welcome fall & football with your favorite team!  WAR EAGLE!

Vendor Credits:

Design & Styling:  Amy Croushorn Amy’s Party Ideas
Printable Labels & Party Flags:  LuluCole
Cupcake Wrappers:  Amy’s Party Ideas
Cupcake Wrapper Template:  Amy’s Party Ideas 
Football embossed paper for cupcake wrappers:  Hobby Lobby or Amazon
Football Player Toppers: I found mine at a flea market, but here are some similar ones
Football Edible Cupcake Toppers: Wilton
Auburn Pennant Flags: BSI
IZZE drinks: Amazon
Mini Footballs:  Amscan
Auburn Football Game:  (I used the turf and players on the table)  Kaskey Kids
Paper Party Straws: Green Party Goods



  1. Wow, that spread looks delicious! And the coordinated colors make it look really festive!

  2. Thanks Lissa! It was a fun day!

  3. So much fun!!!

  4. Love it! I am doing a tailgate party for a little guy in November and you've got great inspiration!

  5. Thanks Modern!

    And Brittany, let me know if you need anything! I am creating printables for a football birthday party/tailgate party for another little one and they will be up in my etsy shop soon!

  6. Love it Amy! Yes, it's a big deal here in the South! My husband and son are big Gamecock fans so when they played the Pirates-East Carolina University (my college) it was fun tailgating with both Alumi. South Carolina plays Auburn October 1st…we shall see…LOL. :P

  7. Lisa! I am glad you understand! I have a friend from college whose family is die hard Gamecock fans as well! Rivalries are so fun!

    Should be fun on October 1st!

  8. Thanks for sharing this ~ I love your tailgating tablescape! You have great taste.

    I love a properly organized tailgate and this is so cute!

    Do you mind if I link this up on my tailgating blog?

  9. Thanks Mrs. Hullabaloo! I would love for you to link up! Let me know and I can help promote yours too!

  10. Amazing job, Amy!! This looks so awesome…do you mind if I use your post (with lots of links back to you of course) in my next blog post?? I design handmade invitations and this goes along perfectly with the tailgate party invitation I just featured on Monday!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Lindsay! I would love for you to feature my tailgating! Let me know so I can help promote too! Thanks!

  12. Very creative! I love how your food matches your team colors… Our tailgate is looking a little bland this year. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  13. Thank you Christy! It's fun to think of ways to add a little extra touch to the party!

  14. Gary says:

    WOW! That tailgate party looked like it must have been unreal. I love hosting a tailgate party. Personally, I'm partial to Bama, but you didn't hear that from me. ;) I have two questions. Firstly, where did you get your tailgate party supplies? Secondly, why do some people call Auburn the War Eagle? Their mascot is the Tigers…

  15. Thanks Gary! It was a lot of fun! We have a Roll Tide fan in our family too so we understand! :)

    I created all of the Tailgating Party Printables

    As for the Auburn Tigers & War Eagle, our mascot is the Tiger and our "war chant" is War Eagle! There is a great legend behind it that you can read about here! But one of our favorite traditions is that at the start of every game, the eagle flies around the stadium and lands in the middle of the field and everyone yells, "WAAAAARRRRR Eagle!" Gives me chills just thinking about it (smile)

  16. Bob says:

    These photos have definitely inspired me! With wings, cupcakes, chips, and fruit who could go wrong? It’s been my experience to have a TV and portable satellite system to watch the pre-games on. I’ve been to many tailgating events and it’s a bonus that I work for DISH Network because I have access to the Tailgater. People seem to be impressed with how compact and lightweight it is and how clear the signal is. Next time I go tailgating, I’ll have to bring it along with all the great food you pictured.